We accomplish MÁS (More), facilitating growth processes, so as to discover and boost people’s soft skills, that make up organizations, through the usage of didactic resources and effective consulting tools


The concept of the INFINITY represents the ideology of Consultoría MÁS.
They are two criss-crossed infinities that represent, firstly, the infinite potentials each person, team, organization, and system has, in addition to the new infinity of uncovered possibilities that lie in front of our gaze when we work together, when we conform as a team, when we learn from one another.

Juntos hacemos MÁS



Acceptance and empathy are key pieces in our relations, to deeply understand people, teams and organizations, meet their needs and thereby set up and maintain positive bonds.


We are committed and devoted people because: ¡We love what we do!
Our interest and contentment prevails upon making things happen, that positive changes loom and transforming realities.
Our spotlight and conviction comes upon giving the best of ourselves, drawing upon each opportunity to make the most of our motto: “Juntos hacemos MÁS”.


We are mindful and responsible of our words and actions, along with the impact they have on others.
We take on as co-creators of the obtained outcomes, as a result of the conjointly effort with our clients in view of the positive change they desire and need.


We are honest and seek that our ideas, convictions, words and decisions are aligned altogether, mapping out each one of our actions; Trusting in that the people and organizations we are related to are driven the same way.


We are impelled by the desire of giving back, in the most positive manner, something to the world, which is done through the systems (teams, organizations, communities) with those with whom we are bonded, going above and beyond our customers expectations to add as much value as posible.